Trees and Climate Change

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Trees are really important due to them absorbing carbon dioxide and being carbon sinks of great importance. It is sad that the loss of natural forests around the world contributes annually to global emissions more than the transport sector. That is why detaining deforestation is an extremely cost-effective solution of reducing emissions. Other solutions are increasing energy efficiency, reducing energy demand, improving transportation and green energy use.

Every year, more than 16 million acres of forests are lost, that equals about a third of the whole country of Spain. This happens mainly because of agriculture, illegal deforestation, excessive use of wood and paper, forestal fires and constant urbanizing, and use of forests for residential and roads.

It’s unbelievable how much damage has been caused to our planet by deforestation, almost every natural disaster that has recently happen, from hurricanes to droughts, has to do with lack of trees in our Eco-system.

It’s obvious trees our important to us. Pacific Coast Tree Experts is committed to helping keep California’s neighborhoods and forests safe by removing trees that pose risks for pests, forest fires and more.

Furthermore we’re proud to maintain thousands of trees to keep California’s utilities services running as optimally as possible!


Autumn Foliage

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This is the effect caused by the fall season to green leaves of trees when they take a new color. Different shades of yellow, orange, brown, pink, red and purple, previous to their “fall” in winter, when trees go naked and lose all their leafs to renew themselves and bloom in spring.

The view is so beautiful, it even attracts tourists from places where they can’t experience this beautiful phenomenon of nature. In North America, this occurs around september to november and is something worth to witness.

Weather is amazing, long gone is the summer hot sun and cold winter has not arrived, you can get a few sunny days with a chilli feeling outside, is the season of pumpkin flavors and hoodies. Most of us have returned to work or school after summer break, but, how about a cup of hot cocoa, furry socks and a movie in the evening? yeah, it sounds perfect.

But speaking in a scientific language, what is going on? What causes this lovely effect? Actually… Death, yes, the leaf is slowly dying.

Chlorophyll is the substance in charge of keeping leafs alive and green, it takes solar rays and transforms it into plant’s nourishment. During spring and summer this substance helps leafs to stay green, but whem autumn comes, there is less hours of sun every day and temperature goes down, so other pigments that have always been there, called carotenoids take more place and provide yellow, brown and orange colors.

Other pigments called anthocyanins, provide colors red and purple, but these are new, they haven’t been in the leaf’s veins before, they develop mostly during the end of summer, according to brightness of sunlight.

So it’s decadence is what provides a different color to trees and their leafs before falling to the ground, changes of light and temperature affects them in a beautiful way.

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Preparing the Ground for a New Tree

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There is nothing like the beauty of a healthy, luscious, wide in foliage tree. It’s colors in spring and autumn are majestic, the smell of it’s flowers and fruits is more attractive than expensive perfumes. But sadly, even though many trees might look amazing on the outside, on the inside they are probably sick or even in a slow process of dying.

Pests and plagues are discreet and silent, but effective when they have taken a tree. if no-one notices on time, they can end up killing the tree and even affecting human’s health.

Some plagues are evident and sometimes when damage is irreversible. For instance, some species of larvae mine the leaf and consume it until they all start turning brown, even in summer a tree can look dark and sick if the larva has enough time to consume it.

One solution is definitely considering replacing your tree. Replacements require preparation however. If pests and plagues exist, you are replacing one problem with another. Preparation means more than removal, and soil manipulation.

This is the main reason why, if we have trees in our properties, or near by our residence area, we shouldn’t ignore if they are being affected by any of the above (fungus, bacteria, bugs or larvae) as they all give signs of being in the tree and causing it damage. Pacific Coast Tree Experts is proud to say that we are readily equipped to handle your home’s necessary maintenance as far as trees, shrubs, trimming and trunks are concerned! What’s more, not only can we help with the removal but also with ensuring that your new tree is ready for a long life ahead.


Construction damage to trees

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Usually, we have trees removed because they are causing damage to constructions, blocking them or meaning a risk to us by growing long roots or branches, dropping their fruit on ceilings or people’s heads. But do we ever think about the kinds of damage caused by our constructions to trees? Not often this topic is discussed, because, it might seem like trees are just objects, but they are alive, they take years to grow, they bring great benefits to our lives and if we cause enough damage, they can die.

If there is a wound deep enough to hurt the tree’s trunk, it has a lot of chances to never recover from it, and bring the whole tree in a situation of decay that might cause it’s event death.

Excavation without the right methods and care, might cause serious damage to the roots, which is why, only professionals should take care of it, measuring the area carefully and using the best equipment. Tree removal should be done with the specific equipment too, this could be an easy way of hurting the tree and fastening it’s decease.

Any construction project can be successful and finish with no harm to trees if all the necessary precautions and methods are taken.

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How can I help my trees in winter?

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Living trees contain water. Why don’t they burst open in winter, since water expands when it freezes? The water inside contains lots of dissolved substances. These lower the freezing temperatures. The insides of cells also lack the structures that water needs to start freezing. As the temperature drops, water in between the tree’s cells freeze first. This draws water out of the cells, which become more permeable during the process of hardening in the fall. The concentration of dissolved substances in the water inside the cells increases, lowering its freezing point even further.

Eight Tips to Help Trees in Winter

1. Plant only native trees.
2. Water coniferous trees thoroughly in autumn.
3. Stop using nitrogen fertilizer near trees in late summer.
4. Wrap young smooth-barked trees with kraft paper secured with masking tape to prevent alternating freezing and thawing from damaging bark.
5. Surround the lower trunk with hardware cloth to protect from gnawing animals
drawing of a man placing hardware cloth around the tree Surround the lower trunk with hardware cloth to protect from gnawing animals.
6. Screen coniferous trees with burlap on the south and west to prevent winter “browning.'”
7. Don’t shake snow or ice from trees in winter.
8. Staple a folded index card over the top bud of young white pines to discourage deer from nibbling them.

Pacific Coast Tree Experts has a lot of experience dealing with trees in all seasons. We’re here to help you with your tree services needs.



Uncommon reasons why trees are good for us

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We know trees gives us oxygen, yes, our first need in our life to survive..oxygen!

They also purify air and give us shadow and attract water to the ground, and also giving a home for some birds and squirrels.

What else could we ask trees to do for us? they have a lot to do with those elements that define human’s survival on earth. But we usually don’t mention how they do it and what other benefits they offer.
Trees absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide from environment and expire clean, fresh air for us to breath. Also,they absorb water from the ground, and expel it into the air, giving us not only less heat, but more chances of rain.
Trees are relaxing, yes! their color, movement and beauty of the areas where they are located, gives us a feeling of peace and comfort. Trees help the earth to stay cool. They avoid global warming.
When is necessary to remove one, try, hard, to make it up to the earth and plant two in exchange in a better place.

It’s our obligation to take care of this valuable gifts: trees!


Smart uses for your cleared land

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You decided to clear your land, give it some maintenance and make it look better. But what if you are not sure of what to do with it.

Instead of letting undergrowth and wild bushes to fill it up again, we recommend some ways to get the best out of that space.

  1. Build a rental house or business:  the kind of use you will give to your raw land depends a lot on the area it is located.

Residences are built almost anywhere and a simple real state study can let you know how easy and rewarding it would be to rent or sale it. Business ideas are thousands according to access and location, for instance: storage facilities, parking lot, camping areas, children or dog park, hostage, access (roads), vineyards, etc.

  1. Community garden: neighbors could even contribute to this project which could benefit you and them.
  2. Wildlife preservation: I know it sounds crazy and not lucrative at all, but I admit it has been a dream of mine and some other nature lovers, buying land to give it back to nature, let their previous wild owners to use it and live free in it.
  3. Farmland: you could as well work it yourself if you have the time and resources, or lease it for a good monthly price.
  4. Raise livestock: the same as farmers, you could use it for your own livestock (sheep, pigs, cows) or rent it for an easy income.
  5. A golf course: for those who love golf, is great to find a field nearby.
  6. Build a hiking park: this is another option with lots of ideas, it can be a natural park with hiking or biking trails, pet allowance, horse riding, a restaurant, camping areas, hammock resting spots, etc.

This are just a few ideas, but the possibilities and potential of raw land are endless!


Land clearing: Is it possible to do it yourself?

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Whenever you are planning to build in a new portion of land, clearing it up is absolutely necessary. It is advisable to examine the ground and remove possible old roots so they won’t affect plumbing and foundation.
Pacific Coast Tree Experts has been hired numerous times to clear lots for development purposes as it requires heavy machinery to both effectively and, relatively, easily handle the project. If the land is covered by foliage, work can be hard but with the right equipment and help, it is possible to do it yourself. A shovel and hand saw can be enough to remove bushes, wild grass and dry undergrowth. You can even use a simple ax to remove small or young trees, but if your land has fully grown and a large population of trees, then of course you will need, not only more hands, but also specific equipment and professional methods to remove them safely.

If you do opt to do a project like this yourself, here is a great piece of advice before even considering the labor behind it:
Make sure you have all the right permits according to your local government to remove trees for clearing and you meet disposal compliance.
Also follow the environment care regulations, to avoid damage to the land and possible fees. If you are considering a project, you can always count on Pacific Coast Tree Experts to help you assess if it requires a company like us or if you would be best served managing it on your own!


Roadside trees

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One of the main reasons why a tree is cut down, is because it’s roots are affecting a road and causing the kind of damage that could lead to traffic and car accidents.

This is why is so important to choose the right kind of tree to be planted on a roadside or near any constructions. But you may ask, why is it good to have trees in roadsides? Here’s why:
They change and make landscape better anywhere you put a tree, it is going to look better and it’s practical as you can choose from a variety of ornamental trees with small roots that will grow down and not wide so as to avoid breaking the road concrete.
They can work as fences and make accidents less tragic when a car loses control and trees surround the roadside so they can act as a type of shield by protecting nearby constructions or cars on the other side thereby producing less damage.
One of the best benefits is that trees help reduce pollution and noise anywhere, even more so in roads where they absorb a higher amount of CO2 and unwanted sounds.
Trees are great windbreakers and ground stabilizers as well. The list goes on. Pacific Tree Coast understands the value of a tree. And it’s our privilege to maintain and trim them!


Check for bird nests!

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Most types of birds in Southern California nest between February and August, according to a news release, thus the city suggests residents hire certified arborists to assess their trees and shrubs to determine if and when it is safe to trim.

We suggests residents trim trees and shrubs between September and February, in non-nesting season.

Our team is very knowledgeable in all areas of trimming and pruning. Whether we are removing the deadwood out a large Maple or thinning a smaller ornamental tree, we have the knowledge and skills to complete the job. We have experience in following the industry’s ANSI A300 standard.