End of Year 2016 Christmas Event

Our end of the year event was a blast! We're always happy to show our PCTE family how much we appreciate their hard work!

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End of Year Christmas Event VIDEO

Just a little video of some of the highlights of the event. We had such a great time. The best part, however, was being able to, in a way of thanks, give back to the fantastic team, family and friends we have out there - representing us- on a daily basis. 2015 was a great year! 2016 will be better!

End of Year Christmas Event

Over 200 of our fellow employees attended (some drove up to 8 hours) our last end of year event. Thousands of dollars in gifts were given (Xbox 1's, Equipment, TVs, Cash prizes), great food was had, and our company family of tree experts was able to connect on such a special day. They offer tree services all year long. It was such a pleasure to have a day dedicated to serving them. Keep an eye out for our event video (coming out next week).